Mitsubishi Servo Motor Repair & Encoder (serial/Incremental) Alignment At Dubai

We Are Available Right Here in UAE to Help you “Preserve Your Investment” in Mitsubishi  Servo Motors by Restoring faulty motors to Working condition & Validating Suspected motors by Run-Test

We can Runtest Mitsubishi Servo motors fitted with serial encoders or  Mitsubishi incremental encoders with A, B, and Z lines. We can also Install Mitsubishi OSA or Mitsubishi OSE The removable type encoders . We can also Program/Identify and install Mitsubishi OSA17, OSA17-020 OBA17, OSA18 and OBA18 encoders that have the ability to be programmed & Used as other types of encoders. When we Run Test the Mitsubishi motor we have capability to identify the fitted encoder….even The encoders that may be programmed to work like a different part number. We can also Install the Mitsubhshi OBA (eg.OBA13) or Mitsubhshi OBE are the built-in(disassembled from the motor shaft) type encoders


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TTL HTL 1Vpp 11UAss Endat Profibus SSI CanBus Devise Net Encoders in stock .. ship today from Dubai

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