Need Equivalent of a Proprietary Encoder.- What to do?..Going Beyond Specs Sticker

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Encoder Nirwana.... Come to me and I will FREE you from OEM Restrictions....replacement encoders In stock at Dubai.

OEMs would often collaborate with Encoder Manufacturers to give them Special Order CODING..that does not reflect on any of the standard Product Catalog. Encoder manufacturer would also Design Special specification Stickers to HiDE the crucial information needed to find Equivalent.


. For an END USER it might appear like impossible to find equivalent  but for us it is Everyday job to find Equivalents..

We go more the SKIN Deep to find the True Encoder Specifications .. to Find Equivalents...Forget the Specification STciker ..WE get inside the Encoder to know What are the Specifications..

in most cases we are successful...


Kluber Encoder. Part number 5820.202382

We came across a Kluber Encoder recently .. Brought in by a Local customer who had issues with the delivery time and needed an Urgent Equivalent but the Part numer of the Encoder does not reflect in any of the Kluber catalogs ; the part nubmer on sticker is Simple: Kluber Encoder. Part number: 5820.202382 5VDC.



Customer forbid us to even touch his Prized NORD F030 inverter ( we could read from there however there is lot of proprietary elements in this ) but anyway


..we have solution to almost all encoder issues.. We have the equipment to read the PPR off the Encoder.. We found the CORRECT PPR...Double checked it from our Other Equipment..


We had another Kubler in stock Hollow shaft/ Cable version / 12mm.


We Sold the Encoder + carried out modification at the machine.


Machine back in action NExt morning. This job was done in the afternoon and overnight.


WE did have a Kluber Encoder in Stock of the Requisite ppr.... but Would the customer have cared if I used a "Denis the Menance Brand made in Timbaktu" encoder? He wanted his machien back in Prodution and we delivered. the results. 


We also stock Programmable PPR / Programmable Driver Encoders in Shaft/ Hollow version for exactly this kind of situation..

Contact us for your ENcoder Woes.. we are Close.. Email us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsApp me: 971509776168



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