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We are well equipped to Handle Stegmann Hiperface encoders and Other Type of encoders found fitted on many of Lafert Servomotors. We can Help you by Restoring faulty motors to Working condition & Validating Suspected motors by Run-Test

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We are well equipped to Handle Stegmann Hiperface encoders and Other Type of encoders found fitted on many of Lafert Servomotors.

We can Record alignment from Lafert motor feedback systems, carry out Diagnostic Test for validating the Encoder working, Copying program from Old encoder to the New one and Re-Install that Sick Encoder into your Lafert motors.

We have prior knowledge of Replacing Encoders/Bearings and various other repair tasks on Lafert :

 Lafert Servo motros Fitted with Stegmann Hiperface are most common. We can Read/ Copy memory program & Align Encoder back to OEM specs.

 Not only HiperFace But we can also Sort out your Lafert B3081 series motors that come fitted Eltra EF80 ABZ/UVW Encoders. or for that matter the Lafert MAS Series motors fitted with Encoder type ABZ/UVW

 We can Record Alignment from Lafert B6306P  Motors that come fitted with Tamagawa ABZ/UVW Encoders. and we can Repair/ Replace Encoder to OEM position and Test Run the same

Lafert Servo motor reapir Stegmann Sick Sick Encoder Dubai UAE Oman Bahrain Qatar KSA Saudi Arabia Iraq KuwaitLebanonYou may utilize our expert servo Repair services in Scenarios where:

You have a LAFERT Servo Motor where you are sure  MOTOR FeedbackEncoder is Faulty- We can quickly get you up and running by arranging a New encoder from Stock or Through our Associates around the world, and Replacing it on the motor to get it Working Again. We will Run-Test it so it is ready to “drop in” at your Machine tool.

You want to make certain if the LAFERT Servo Motor ’s MOTOR FeedbackEncoder is Faulty or Not.: We can carry out a Health Check of encoder feedback and validate it’s Working. Depending upon the Encoder we can check many characteristics e.g. check Count/ Phase angle/ Z pulse/ Commutating pulses.

You need help in Diagnosing the Real Cause of Servo Errors: Encoder? or Motor? Or Cables? Or Servo Drive? : In case your Servo installation- LAFERT Servo Motor /It’s Encoder/ It’s Drive combo is giving you some trouble and you want to identify the real cause of error. We can help you isolate where the problem is rooted. We can test Encoder feedback independent of your Existing Drive/Controller at your machine. And we can Run Test the LAFERT Servo Motor independent of your Drive, We have Universal Drive set up to run virtually any motor.( Current & Available Cables to connect your motor is the limiting factor of course).

You Attempted to Repair LAFERT Servo Motor on your own ..detached the Encoder and Now want to ReAssemble & REAlign it to rotor: - You may be attempting to Replace the Bearing or Brake of your LAFERT Servo Motor or Motor rewind.. In any such cases it is imperative to detach the fitted encoder from the Rotor shaft. Once detached the encoder needs to be Realigned Again. This Realignment needs special skills and instruments that are available with us.

 LAFERT Servo Motors are permanent magnet-excited motors with electronic commutation. Servo motors are built like little tanks. The motor housing on these motors are extremely tough and durable. The Majority of Users report that even after Long years of usage, The Only problems the LAFERT Servo Motors users ever faced were 

- Feedback turning Faulty | Brake Faulty | Bearings Faulty | Connector Broken…of course there could be many other issues that lesser number of users must have faced but We can help you with all the major ones listed above + support you more as below

ü We can check your LAFERT Servo Motor by Run Testing it outside Your Machine setup

ü We Check The Health of & Validate Working of LAFERT Servo Motor‘s Feedback

ü If the Encoder is Faulty – You can buy New encoder from us.: We have many Encoders/ Resolvers in Stock at Ajman | if we do not have the required encoder then we can arrange that at very short turn around time.

ü Ask us to Replace/ ReAlign / Reprogram “Bought Encoder” on your LAFERT Servo Motor

ü We can Run-Test the LAFERT Servo Motor to Validate the Encoder Installation.

ü You can also Buy Brake & Get Brake Replacement done on LAFERT Servo Motor

We stock brakes from several manufacturers. We of course can’t stock everything so we will arrange the Brake needed for your LAFERT Servo Motor from the OEM at shortest possible time.

ü You can also Buy Connectors & Get Connector Replacement Done on LAFERT Servo Motor : We have Several type of Motor Power Connectors/ Encoder Connectors in Stock- both in Solder & Crimped contact versions. We have Special tools needed for crimping. We can also build Power Cables/ Encoder feedback Cables for connecting LAFERT Servo Motor at your Machine.

ü You may have a Stock LAFERT Servo Motor lying on the shelf for Long. You do not know if it is working or not. Ask us to Check.

ü You bought a Used LAFERT Servo Motor from someplace .. you want to make certain that the motor is in Working condition. ask us to step in and validate. So you can confidently use the motor on your Machine tool.

 There could be any other LAFERT Servo Motor situation. you might be grappling with.. let us talk .. we might be of help with our experience and Specialized Inspection instruments.

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Many encders in our Own Stock: ABZ| ABZUVW| 1 VPP| 11µAss| Hiperface|EnDat|Profibus|Interbus|DeviceNet | Fanuc|Heidenhain| 1Vpp|Incremental|Serial|Absolut| Hall Effect|

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What else we do other than SERVO MOTOR Repairs:

We offer from Our OWN Stock of CNC PLC spare parts. Servo Motors Drives and of course these Lithium Batteries -3v, 3.6v, 6V for CNC PLC controllers.

We stock Tadiran, Toshiba, Saft, Varta, Mitsubishi, FDK, Sanyo, Panasonic, Maxell Hitachi lithium Batteries. and have many batteries with Specific connectors for direct use on various CNC and PLC systems of Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Omron, Rexroth, AllenBradley , Panasonic.. and more.

We stock Many Rotary Encoders ( Incremental and Absolute type in Hollow/ Solid Shaft versions and with many Output signals ( TTL, HTL, 1Vpp, 11uAss. Hall ABZUVW type, Hiperface, Endat, Profibus, CAnbus, Interbus, .. and more.) Baumer, Sick Stegmann, Heidenhain, Hubner, Leine & Linde, Baumer, Hengstler, Pepperl Fuchs, Kubler, BAlluff, Euchner, ASM, BEI, TR Electronic, Wachndroff, POSITAL Fraba, TWK ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Lenord+Bauer, SIKO, Wachendorffm, Balluff, Euchner, Kubler,ASM,

We can offer Equivalent Encoder to many encoder brands.. eg. ABB, Allenbradley, Fagor, Renishaw, Omron,Telemecanique, IFM, ELMA, Faulhaber, , BEI, Elap, Elcis, Givi Misure, ITAL Sensors, Nidec Copal Electronics, Micronor , Duesterloh Fluidtechnik, RSF Elektronik, ZanderAachen , Kiwi, Honest Sensor, Opkon, Sensor Engineering, AMCIM, ECE, Dynapar, RotaLink, Olympus, Bernio Electronics, Meler, Dewe-Rie Encoder, Agromatic.. Let us know what you look for and we find a Solution for you.

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