Dubai stock of Battery  Yaskawa JZSP-BA01 Toshiba ER3V3.6V ER 3V ER3 V
Dubai stock of Battery  Yaskawa JZSP-BA01 Toshiba ER3V3.6V ER 3V ER3 V

Yaskawa JZSP-BA01 Toshiba ER3V/3.6V Battery for SGMPH

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Yaskawa PLug Toshiba Battery

Yaskawa JZSP-BA01 Toshiba ER3V/3.6V Battery for SGMPH

Buy online your original and brand new YASKAWA JZSP-BA01 3.6V Toshiba ER3V/3.6V Lithium battery for sale
. This is a YASKAWA JZSP-BA01 (YASKAWA JZSP-BA01) Lithium battery with a voltage of 3.6 Volts to maintain Programmable Controller PLC Memory backup from PLC Automation equipment and also Absolute encoder positions on YASKAWA SGMPH Servo amplifiers from SIGMA II 2 range mounted such as CNC Machine-tools or any industrial equipment with YASKAWA backed up by battery using this type of YASKAWA JZSP-BA01 3.6 Volts battery.

The YASKAWA JZSP-BA01 ER3V/3.6V Lithium battery is the replacement for the battery integrated for data backup in any YASKAWA SGMPH Sigma II Servo systems with TOSHIBA ER3V/3.6V. This ER3V/3.6V JZSP battery comes with 2 wire leads connector (female).

Nominal voltage : 3.6 Volts
Dimension : 24 x 14mm - 0.94in x 0.55in
Capacity : 1200mAh
Origine du produit : Japan

Battery compatible with the following references : YASKAWA JZSP-BA01-1 146705-1 1467051 704004 JZSP-BA011 JZSPBA01 JZSPBA011 R88A-BAT02W


Product Details here:

ER∗V series

ER*V series
  • High operating voltage
  • High capacity
  • Superior low temperature characteristics
  • Superior high temperature characteristics and durability
  • Excellent performance
    • Discharge of a relatively high current
    • Excellent resistance to leakage
Model No.Nominal VoltageNominal CapacityDiameterOverall HeightDiscarge CurrentWeight
ER3V 3.6 V 1,000 mAh 14.5 mm 28.0 mm max. 1.0 mA 8.5 g
ER4V 3.6 V 1,200 mAh 14.5 mm 33.0 mm max. 1.0 mA 10.0 g
ER6V 3.6 V 2,000 mAh 14.5 mm 50.5 mm max. 3.5 mA 16.0 g



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