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We Check| Repair | Test Run BALDOR motors fitted with ABS, incremental, and serial encoders @Dubai

We Are Ajman Factories Equipment Tr. based in [Ajman Est2003]. We Repair New+ older BALDOR legacy servo motors Right here in UAE. We can Check| Repair | Test Run BALDOR motors fitted with ABS, incremental, and serial encoders- ABZ, ABZUVW, 1Vpp, EnDat...and more!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo-4XRF4ugIBaldor Baldor Dealer Baldor Repair Baldor Distributor Baldor Stockist Heidenhain BEI BSMServo motor Servo Motor Repair Encoder Encoder Repair Servo motor Encoder

More info ? Enquiry ? Contact via Web: http://instockspares.com/

Enquiry WhatsApp : +971-50-9776168 or Enquiry Email: | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 

BALDOR AC Servo motors are now Repairable in Dubai:

The Baldor Electric Company [www.baldor.com/] is an American manufacturer of servos. We have facilities to Repair many kinds of BALDOR motors locally right here in Dubai as Third Party Service Provider. You may want to send your Servo motor for Free Evaluation in case you have any Repair needs in GCC or Mena Region. We are not a Factory Authorized Repair center for BALDOR.

We are Experienced & Equipped to Handle BALDOR

We have specialized equipment to fixed BALDOR servo motors fitted with Encoders and Resolvers.  

Baldor Resolver

We can Read the Resolver Angle Readings in Baldor HEX code angle.If you have a Baldor resolver tester and have lockup data recorded in that format, we can restore the Baldor Resolver to its original state or a New Resolver can be aligned to OEM settings.

Baldor Fitted with Heidenhain

Baldor Uses Heidenhain Serial encoders on many of its motors, We can support all Heidenhian encoders  fitted on Baldor Servo motors e.g. The incremental outputs come in several formats: TTL, HTL, 1V p-p sine, and 11 μA p-p sine.

May be your Baldor Servo motor is fitted with Endat encoders.. ECN 1313-2048 , EQN 1325-2048

We support all Baldor motors fitted with Heidenhain EnDat/SSI encoders, ABZ/UVW  encoders, Baldor Halls/Tach system that comes fitted with 12 pin M23, Baldor M4500 Series ABZ encoders,  Baldor MTE fitted with BEI encoder type ABZ encoder,Baldor BSM / MTE Series ABZ/UVW, or  BEI Encoder type ABZ , Baldor BE / BSM Series fitted with Resolver, and

No Need to Send to OEM : We have Special Equipment’s to Handle BALDOR  Feedback Systems.

Till now you had no option but to send your BALDOR Motors that used specialized EnDAT Encoders to OEMs for Repairs. but not anymore, we now have the facility right here in UAE, to handle motors fitted with those kind of high end Motor feedback also. We have special BALDOR Encoder Checking and Alignment, equipment, That empowers us to Read Alignment from Old encoder, Replace encoder and Program the New encoder, thus complete the encoder Replacement tasks on BALDOR motors.

Any repairs to BALDOR servo motor - Bering Change/ Brake change would require the Encoder to be dismantled, and One needs to be able to read the encoder data to be able to Restore it later . So If you have a motor failure Do not remove encoder from the machine, Bring the motor to us we will fix it.. and Yes NO NEED to send the motor to OEM.

What Regions we Cater to :

We've provided expert BALDOR servo motor repairs for customers across the UAE and GCC. We have had Customers and Automation System Houses from Mena & GCC Regions | UAE| Oman | Bahrain | Qatar| KSA| Saudi Arabia | Iraq| Kuwait|Lebanon| Syria| Jordan|Algeria| Djibouti| Egypt | Libya| Malta| Morocco| Tunisia|West Bank and Gaza|Yemen| Ethiopia|Sudan . Customer mainly come to Order Encoders, Drive & Motor Repair solutions and buy Spares from us. The shipping of spares in stock [http://instockspares.com/shop]is mostly Same day, Repairs in general do not exceed a Week or Two (major repairs) . Rush Repairs are available

Why You should Consider us for BALDOR Repairs:

Our trained and experienced technicians have experience of repairing BALDOR servos.

We have the Equipment to read download and upload encoder data and align BALDOR motor to factory specifications.

# We have our own extensive on-hand BALDOR spare parts inventory.

# # All BALDOR motors are fully Run tested after being repaired-

# # # All BALDOR repaired and remanufactured servo motors and servo drives are final tested on an BALDOR test stand designed to simulate machine conditions to verify your unit is running in optimal condition.We have our own database of Rexroth technical schematics and specifications

# # # # After repair we will test your BALDOR servo motor with real equipment and make sure that all problems were solved and there are no other defects. All our services come with one year warranty.

What to do if : Your BALDOR motors are WORKING ??? Plan Now while the motors are Still working.

So You Don’t have a BREAKDOWN yet.. Great this is Good News.. Now Prepare to NOT LET THE MOTOR FAIL and In case it DOES.. let us prepare to Repair it on the SAME Day. We are available for support.

Not only Emergency repairs .. We can also help in Scheduled Repairs / Preventive and ProActive Maintenance/ troubleshooting of Servo Motors.

Servo motors are one of the costliest parts in an Automated machinery. We can help you preserve this investment We can support you in preserving your investment in servo motors and thus increase effectiveness of your Machinery.

Scheduled Repairs:

If the motor is not failed.. but there is little overheat.. Vibration or Abnormal sound.. This is the right time to Schedule Repair of your motor over the Weekend. We can fit it with New Bearings or carry out replacement of that Brake of your servo motor that is giving you trouble. A Stitch in Time Saves NINE.

If you could share which Motors and What issue you face.. we can be of immediate assistance to you.

Preventing Failures- Proactive approach

1. We can help you in Preventing the failure of servo motors

2. We can help you by "Predicting the failure of Servo motor" using condition monitoring techniques and thus help reduce/eliminate downtime through scheduled Repairs of the servo motors.

3. We can Prepare you to handle the failure by identifying what resources are needed to restore the servo motor back to working condition, in case the motor fails.. and helping you Arranging the availability of those resources

4. Restoring the Servo motor to working condition if it Does fail. using resources arranged in step 3 above.

Safe Troubleshooting

We can Run TEST your SERVO MOTOR independent of your Drive to isolate fault

We own specialized equipment to check Motor feedback system and validate its working

We own various other specialized equipment’s for checking servo setup and have expertise in

"Safe Troubleshooting"

Health Checks for Servo motors:

Have you recently Come across any failed BALDOR Servo motors.

  or any other BALDOR Servo motor that needs to be Validated for Correct Working in your plant. May be you bought that BALDOR from sources other then Factory and Want to make sure that it is working or May be it is lying on your shelf and you don't have any knowledge if it works or not.. We can carry out a Health check and then you know if you can rely on this stock motor on the shefl in times of Breakdown or not.

  or you may have a situation where Encoder.. Endat / Hiperface/ 1vpp/ TTL-ABZUVW or Resolvers or Hall sensors need to Be Validated for Working.. ( May be you need Repalcement or Re-Alignment of feedback on motor.. yes we can do that)

What informaiton we need:

We would need the Motor in our office for evaluation of damage * that we send to our Freezone works for evaluation.

We donot charge for The evaluations for Quotation purpose, however it takes 2-3 days. if you are in a Rush then we may be able to expedite it. When you send Rush request for Evaluation please include:

1. Specification sticker of the Motor.

2. Photos of the Connectors on the Motor ( power connector and Encoder Connector).

3. What problem you are facing on the motor.

 - Servo motors are work horses so often ignored but when failure happens then the lead time for delivery of new motor is mostly large.

Other Brands?

We are capable of repairing various brands of servo motors such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Baumuller, Lenze, Dorna, Indramat, Siemens, Gettys, Emerson and many others. We have invested in Specialised Diagnostic, alignment, Memory Reading, Run Testing equipments for many brands of motors. We have in our team experienced mechanical and electrical engineers Based in Dubai/ Delhi. We can document, inspect and test the motor upon delivery. We can help if your motor has a minor issue or a major overhaul.



                Spares& Repairs

                  Now Available Locally in UAE For


                      AC Servo Motors

What else we do other than SERVO MOTOR Repairs:

We offer from Our OWN Stock of CNC PLC spare parts. Servo Motors Drives and of course these Lithium Batteries -3v, 3.6v, 6V for CNC PLC controllers.

We stock Tadiran, Toshiba, Saft, Varta, Mitsubishi, FDK, Sanyo, Panasonic, Maxell Hitachi lithium Batteries. and have many batteries with Specific connectors for direct use on various CNC and PLC systems of Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Omron, Rexroth, AllenBradley , Panasonic.. and more.

We stock Many Rotary Encoders ( Incremental and Absolute type in Hollow/ Solid Shaft versions and with many Output signals ( TTL, HTL, 1Vpp, 11uAss. Hall ABZUVW type, Hiperface, Endat, Profibus, CAnbus, Interbus, .. and more.) Baumer, Sick Stegmann, Heidenhain, Hubner, Leine & Linde, Baumer, Hengstler, Pepperl Fuchs, Kubler, BAlluff, Euchner, ASM, BEI, TR Electronic, Wachndroff, POSITAL Fraba, TWK ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Lenord+Bauer, SIKO, Wachendorffm, Balluff, Euchner, Kubler,ASM,

We can offer Equivalent Encoder to many encoder brands.. eg. ABB, Allenbradley, Fagor, Renishaw, Omron,Telemecanique, IFM, ELMA, Faulhaber, , BEI, Elap, Elcis, Givi Misure, ITAL Sensors, Nidec Copal Electronics, Micronor , Duesterloh Fluidtechnik, RSF Elektronik, ZanderAachen , Kiwi, Honest Sensor, Opkon, Sensor Engineering, AMCIM, ECE, Dynapar, RotaLink, Olympus, Bernio Electronics, Meler, Dewe-Rie Encoder, Agromatic.. Let us know what you look for and we find a Solution for you.


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TTL HTL 1Vpp 11UAss Endat Profibus SSI CanBus Devise Net Encoders in stock .. ship today from Dubai

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