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TTL square-wave signals

HEIDENHAIN encoders with TTL  interface incorporate electronics that  digitize sinusoidal scanning signals withnor without interpolation.

The incremental signals are transmitted as the square-wave pulse trains Ua1 and Ua2, phase-shifted by 90° elec. The reference mark signal consists of one or more reference pulses Ua0, which are gated with the incremental signals. In addition, the integrated electronics produce their inverted signals Ua1(Inverted) and Ua2(Inverted) and Ua0(Inverted)  for noise-proof transmission. The illustrated sequence of output signals—with Ua2 lagging Ua1—applies to the direction of motion shown in the dimension drawing.

 The fault-detection signal UaS(Inverted)  indicates fault conditions such as breakage of the power line or failure of the light source. It can be used for such purposes as machine shut-off during automated production. The distance between two successive edges of the incremental signals Ua1 and Ua2 through 1-fold, 2-fold or 4-foldevaluation is one measuring step. The subsequent electronics must be designed to detect each edge of the square-wave pulse. The minimum edge separation a stated in the Specifications applies for the specified input circuit with a cable length of 1 m and refers to a measurement at the output of the differential line receiver.

 Note; Not all encoders output a reference mark signal, fault-detection signal, or their inverted signals. Please see the connector layout for this.


Square-wave signals « TTL

Incremental signals

Two TTL square-wave signals Ua1, Ua2 and their inverted signals Ua1(Inverted) and Ua2(Inverted)

Reference mark  signal


One or more TTL square-wave pulses Ua0 and their inverted pulses U

Output(Encoders) =TTL square-wave signals

AccuCoder Encoder 725I-S-S-2500-R-HV-1-F-N-SX-N-N HEAVYDUTY ABN A-B-N- 2500PPR

Model 2.5"/Size25 Encoder for Heavy duty industrial with ...

BALLUFF BDG 6360-2-05-W031-0250-65

250 pulses 6 Channel TTL; Ub=5VDC Synchro Flange: ...

Baumer ITD 70 A 4 Y 7 1024 R NI H2SK12 S 65 IP54

65mm:HOLLOW; OD of Encoder: 150mm:; UB = 8 - 30 VDC ; ...

Baumer BHF 13.05A1024/407181 BHF13 05A

10mm Hollow; Connector version; 5V; TTL

Baumer Encoder Drehimpulsgeber Dubai 0G OG 90 DN 10000 R 10000 TTL (RS-422)

Baumer IVO Hubner Thalheim 0G OG 90 DN 10000 R 10000 TTL ...

Heidenhain Encoder ROD 426 512 02S12-03 ID 295 434-63 295434-63

512 ppr; 6mm shaft; synchro Flange; 5v TTL Cable Version

Heidenhain ERN 1020 250 01-03 Id Nr. 317 750-56

250 Pulses; 5V DC TTL; 6mm Blind Hollow. Cable with ...

HEIDENHAIN ERN 420 ERN420 2500 01-03 ID 315 142-04 TTL 315-142-04

HEIDENHAIN ERN 420 ERN420 2500 01-03 ID 315 142-04 TTL ...

Heidenhain ROD 426 1000 27S12-03 IdNr. 376 846-LU

Input : 5 V; Shaft: 6mm; Dia 58mm; 1000 Pulses ; TTL ...

HEIDENHAIN SEW EV1T 1024 30B10-1A ROD 426 341 197-01

INCREMENTAL 5V-DC ENCODER ; EV1T: For SEW motor Sizes: ...

Hengstler RS58-D/2500AD.37RB 12mm Hollow Encoder 2500 ppr;S422_5V ABZ+Inverted

Hengstler dia12mm Hollow Through Hollow shaft encoder 2500 ...

HOHNER EX 84/1028 E Ex d II CT6 ExdIICT6 14000 Pepperl+Fuch 95356 14-14362-1024

Pepperl FUcs .. Series 14-14362-1024 [Series 14 ][Shaft: ...

Hübner OG 9 D 1024 TTL Digital Tacho 5v RS422

Hubner Berlin Baumer Hübner TTL 5v RS422; 4 Channel K1/K2 ...

Hübner OG 9 D 500 | OG9D 500 | OG9 D 500 TTL Digital Tacho 5v RS422

Hubner Berlin Baumer Hübner TTL 5v RS422; 4 Channel K1/K2 ...

Hübner OG 9 DN 1024 TTL Digital Tacho 11071382 OG9

K1,K2, K0 or A B C :two HTL Signals displaced by 90 degrees ...

Inkrementalgeber Pepperl+Fuchs Serie 85-12031_R-600D Part Nr: 45439

Inkrementalgeber Hollow shaft incl Encoder; 600 PPR; ...

Kubler 8.5000.D34W.2500.P0004

Kubler INC. Rotary Encoder ; 2500ppr; ABZ with Sense; 7Pin

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