HTL (PushPull)_2Channel(10-30VDC)

Sales price: $850.00

BAUMER 6mm Hollow ENCODER BHE03.24G250/K498 03.24G250 Push Pull 10-30VDC 250Puls

Hollow 6mm through shaft ; Push Pull Vs=10-30VDC 250 ...

Sales price: $850.00

Baumer Drehgeber Incremental GI357.Z47 403086 4.75-30vDC(250Imp)


Sales price: $850.00

Baumer Hübner Berlin POG 9 D 600 HUBNER POG9D A&B HTL Siemens H48 code/DCMotor

[600ppr] [two HTL signals displaced by 90degrees] Hübner ...

Sales price: $1,250.00

Baumer IVOEncoder G 305 G 305.21EXAB1 339081

Square Flange _70x63mm/Channel2_AB/PPR:64/Push-pull ...

Sales price: $350.00

Baumer Thalheim ITD 27 A4 Y11 4 H BX KR1 S14 ; ChA ChB; HTL dia58 Encoder Imp4 4PPR

8-30VDC; Hollow14mm through ;Channel-A+Channel-B; 4Pulses

Sales price: $150.00

Hübner Berlin POG 9 D 1024 A and B two HTL signals ; HUBNER Dubai Baumer POG9D

POG 9 D 1024; shaft 11mmx30 long; A &B two HTL signals ; ...

Sales price: $1,250.00

ITD 20 B10 Y 9 512 H BX KR S7 512 PPR HTL dia 58 Baumer Thalheim Encoder

Baumer Thalheim Dubai 8-30DC HTL 512 PPR A/B Track ; Dia ...

Sales price: $650.00
Sales price: $650.00
Sales price: $1,850.00
Sales price: $350.00

WDG 58B-360-AB-G24-9J | WDG58B-360-AB-G24-9J

AB Channel | 10-30VDC| very Strong|12mm shaft|58OD|

TTL HTL 1Vpp 11UAss Endat Profibus SSI CanBus Devise Net Encoders in stock .. ship today from Dubai

Brand Names- Motor Repaired at Dubai [SlideShow]