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Incremental signals

HTL square-wave signals

HEIDENHAIN encoders with  HTL interface incorporate electronics that digitize sinusoidal scanning signals with

or without interpolation.

The incremental signals are transmitted as the square-wave pulse trains Ua1 and Ua2, phase-shifted by 90° elec.The reference mark signal consists of one or more reference pulses Ua0, which are gated with the incremental signals. In addition, the integrated electronics produce their inverse signals Ua1(Inverted), Ua2(Inverted),  and Ua0(Inverted)for noiseproof transmission (does not apply to HTLs).

 The illustrated sequence of output signals—with Ua2 lagging Ua1—applies to the direction of motion shown in the

dimension drawing.

 The fault-detection signal UaS(Inverted), indicates  fault conditions such as failure of the light source. It can be used for such purposes as machine shut-off during automated  production.

 The distance between two successive  edges of the incremental signals Ua1 and Ua2 through 1-fold, 2-fold or 4-fold

evaluation is one measuring step.

 The subsequent electronics must be designed to detect each edge of the  square-wave pulse. The minimum edge separation a stated in the specifications refers to a measurement at the output of the given differential input circuit. To prevent counting errors, the subsequent electronics should be designed so that

they can process as little as 90 % of the edge separation a.

 The maximum permissible shaft speed or traversing velocity must never be exceeded.

 The permissible cable length for incremental encoders with HTL signals depends on the output frequency, the effective supply voltage, and the operating temperature of the encoder.

 The current requirement of encoders with HTL output signals depends on the output frequency and the cable length to the subsequent electronics.



HTL, HTLs square-wave signals


Incremental signals

Two HTL square-wave signals Ua1, Ua2 and their inverse signals Ua1(Inverted), Ua2(Inverted

(HTLs without Ua1(Inverted), Ua2(Inverted )


Reference mark signal


Pulse width


Output(Encoders)=HTL square-wave signals

BAUMER ABZ ENCODER BDK 06.24K360-5-5 Code: 24136

Push Pull 10-30VDC 360Pulse ; ABZ-Shaft size 5x12mm;dia 30 ...

BAUMER BDT 16.24K1000-L6-4 10-30V 1000PPR,CABLE

ABZ -3Channel/ Push pull HTL Cable 2 m, axial 6mm shaft ...

Baumer Drehgeber Incremental GI357.Z47 403086 4.75-30vDC(250Imp)


Baumer EEx OG 9 DN 1024 I OG9 EEx OG9 DN1024 I Dubai EEx DE II CT6

Type : EEx OG 9 DN 1024 I 11-26 VDC; ILMax : 60mA; ...

Baumer Encoder BHF 16.24K100405654 A/B+REF 100 PPR BHF16 Holow

BHF16; A/B+REF;100 PPR; 12mm Hollow;6pin connector

Baumer Encoder GI355.z11 1000imp HTL ABZ+INV

1000 Pulses/ 6 Channels: ABZ Abar, Bbar, Zbar; ...

Baumer Hübner Berlin POG 9 D 600 HUBNER POG9D A&B HTL Siemens H48 code/DCMotor

[600ppr] [two HTL signals displaced by 90degrees] Hübner ...

Baumer Hubner ITD 41 A4 Y100 2500 H NI S2SK12 L 25 IP65 59 A. Nr. 317213

2500 pulses; output: A-,B-.N-, spur+Invertierung HTL 8-15V ...

Baumer Hübner POG 9 DN 360 I Incremental Encoder

Shaft 11x30;UB=+9..30V ; 360 Sq pulse HTL ; IP 56; Notice: ...

Baumer Hubner POG 9 G DN1024 I Twin Encoder [HÜBNER Zwillingsgeber]

Pulse / rev. Z = 1024 ;10-30V HTL ; K1, K1 ', K2, K2', K0, ...

Baumer IVOEncoder G 305 G 305.21EXAB1 339081

Square Flange _70x63mm/Channel2_AB/PPR:64/Push-pull ...

Encoder POG 9D 1024 I HTL Tacho A+B+A(Inv)+B(Inv)- NO Marker

POG 9 D 1024 I;(note "i" in order number) Shaft 11mmx30 ...

Hengstler Encoder 0 522 247 RI58-O/500EK.42KD 0522247

Incremental ABZ+Alarm PushPull 10-30V; 500ppr; 10mm Shaft; ...


58mmdia encoder:3000ppr:-Push-pull (without inverted ...

HOG9 D 1024 I - HTL_AB/ A*B*

Two HTL Signals Displaced by 90 degrees+ with inverted ...

Hubner Berlin HOG 9 DN 512 HTL Hollow shaft Encoder

Incremental Encoder 512 PPR/9-30V/Output K1, K2, K0- DN: ...

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