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Encoders:Interface = SSI

Position values

SSI serial interface

The absolute position value beginning with the Most Significant Bit (MSB first) is transferred on the DATA lines in

synchronism with a CLOCK signal transmitted by the control. The SSI standard data word length for singleturn

encoders is 13 bits, and for multiturn encoders 25 bits. In addition to the absolute position values, incremental

signals can be transmitted. See Incremental signals for a description of the signals.


For the ECN/EQN 4xx and ROC/ROQ 4xx rotary encoders, the following functions can be activated via the  programming inputs of the interfaces by applying the supply voltage UP:

• Direction of rotation

Continuous application of a HIGH level to PIN 2 (tmin > 1 ms) reverses the direction of rotation for ascending position values.

 • Zeroing (datum setting) Applying a positive edge (tmin > 12 ms) to PIN 5 sets the current position to zero.


Note: The programming inputs must always be terminated with a resistor (see “Input circuitry of the subsequent



Control cycle for complete data format+

When not transmitting, the clock and data lines are on high level. The internally and cyclically formed position value is stored on the first falling edge of the clock. The stored data is then clocked out on the first rising edge.


After transmission of a complete data word, the data line remains low for a period of time (t2) until the encoder is ready for  interrogation of a new value. Encoders with the SSI 39r1 or SSI 41r1 interface additionally require a subsequent clock pause tR.

If another data-output request (CLOCK) is received within this time (t2 or t2+tR), the same data will be output once again.


If the data output is interrupted (CLOCK = High for t t2), a new position value will be stored on the next falling edge of the clock. With the next rising clock edge the subsequent electronics adopts the data.



SSI serial



Singleturn: SSI 39r1

Multiturn: SSI 41r1

Data transfer

Absolute position values

Data input

Differential line receiver according to EIA standard RS 485

for the CLOCK and CLOCK signals

Data output

Differential line driver according to EIA standard RS 485

for DATA and DATA signals


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Output :Interface = SSI

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