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AccuCoder Encoder 725I-S-S-2500-R-HV-1-F-N-SX-N-N HEAVYDUTY ABN A-B-N- 2500PPR

Model 2.5"/Size25 Encoder for Heavy duty industrial with ...

Balluff / Leine& Linde Typ 6360 3 (5V) 254PPR

254 PPR ; 6Channel: A, B,Z(ref); Ainverse; Binverse; ...

BALLUFF BDG 6360-2-05-W031-0250-65

250 pulses 6 Channel TTL; Ub=5VDC Synchro Flange: ...

Baumer ITD 70 A 4 Y 7 1024 R NI H2SK12 S 65 IP54

65mm:HOLLOW; OD of Encoder: 150mm:; UB = 8 - 30 VDC ; ...

Baumer Absolute Hollow GREY 24V ENCODER BFO 0DR24P360-12-5 BF0 ODR24 PCode 1434

ABSOLUTE HOLLOW SHAFT Encoder - ID 12mm / 15mm Deep GREY ...

BAUMER ABZ ENCODER BDK 06.24K360-5-5 Code: 24136

Push Pull 10-30VDC 360Pulse ; ABZ-Shaft size 5x12mm;dia 30 ...

BAUMER BDT 16.24K1000-L6-4 10-30V 1000PPR,CABLE

ABZ -3Channel/ Push pull HTL Cable 2 m, axial 6mm shaft ...

Baumer BHF 13.05A1024/407181 BHF13 05A

10mm Hollow; Connector version; 5V; TTL

Baumer BMSV 58K1N 24C 12/00 C0 G

Single Turn Clamping Flange ;10-30VDC; 12 Bit Single Turn; ...

Baumer Drehgeber Absolut CanOpen: GXP5W.z27 Dubai

"CANopen® DSP 406;AbSOLUTE-Multi Turn (13bit STx ...

Baumer Drehgeber Incremental GI357.Z47 403086 4.75-30vDC(250Imp)


Baumer EEx OG 9 DN 1024 I OG9 EEx OG9 DN1024 I Dubai EEx DE II CT6

Type : EEx OG 9 DN 1024 I 11-26 VDC; ILMax : 60mA; ...

Baumer Encoder BHF 16.24K100405654 A/B+REF 100 PPR BHF16 Holow

BHF16; A/B+REF;100 PPR; 12mm Hollow;6pin connector

Baumer Encoder Drehimpulsgeber Dubai 0G OG 90 DN 10000 R 10000 TTL (RS-422)

Baumer IVO Hubner Thalheim 0G OG 90 DN 10000 R 10000 TTL ...

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