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We Can Replace and Realign the Resolvers on Your Servo motors Right Here@Dubai..

+ can do some More How About "Swapping a  P=1 resolver with P=4 Resolver.."

Siemens 1FK7080 5AF71 1TA3 V23401 T2014 E209 1FK7080 5AF71 1SA3


Challenge: Transforming a Siemens 1FK7080-5AF71-1TA3 ( Resolver P=1 ) servo motor to 1FK7080-5AF71-1SA3 ( Resolver P=4 )


-- Yes Possible We did it.. in 2 Hrs flat.


 Ingredients needed: ONe qty of 1FK7080-5AF71-1TA3 + One P=4 Resovler + our Expertise.

Result : The Motor : 1FK7080-5AF71-1SA3 ( Resolver P=4 ) Recipe : One of our Client had a Working Spare Servo motor [1FK7080-5AF71-1TA3] with P=1

(Single speed 2 Pole Resolver) on shelf but needed an Immediate Same Servo Motor with P=4 (4 Speed Resolver)-1FK7080-5AF71-1SA3 for some Reason. Now What ??? We DID the job. We replaced the Existing Single speed resolver with a 4 Speed Tyco Resolver and Re-Aligned that on that Servo motor. Motor goes into Service with Requisit feedback.. TheMotor in Question was : 1FK7080-5AF71-1TA3 fitted with a Single speed resolver. but We Retrofitted that with a Tyco V23401-T2014-E209 P=4 [ 519.40529.71 tyco | We have many resolvers/ Encoders in Stock.. So now the motor is termed as 1FK7080-5AF71-1SA3 When it comes to Servo motors.. we can have many innovative and out of the Box Repair Solutions..


Come let us talk if you have any Servo motor/ Encoder issues.. contact me. http://instockspares.com | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | WhatsApp: +971 50 9776168

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