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Featured Products

We have HEIDENHAIN  PWT Encoder Adujsting Aids for Analysising  Heidenhain 11 µAPP /1Vpp/TTL  Encoders at your site in a control loop or at Our Works.

The Heidenhain PWT devices in our tool kit provide a quick health check of your encoders and are a simple adjusting aid for HEIDENHAIN incremental encoders at your site.

In a small LCD window, the signals are shown as bar charts with reference to their tolerance limits. Functions

• Qualitative evaluation of incremental-signal amplitude

• Qualitative evaluation of the reference mark signal

• Measuring the width of the reference mark signal

• Displaying the position of the reference mark signal with respect to the incremental signal Interfaces

HEIDENHAIN encoders provide all information necessary for commissioning, monitoring and diagnostics. We have the PWT testing devices in our   Encoder Clinic @ UAE       specifically for analyzing your encoders.

Testing devices are used for checking the function of your encoders.

  • PWT 10 - Encoders with 11 µAPP interface
  • PWT 17 Encoders with TTL interface and special switchover function
  • PWT 18 Encoders with 1 VPP interface

There are two types of diagnostics, depending on how the devices are integrated:

  • Encoder diagnostics: The encoder is connected directly to the test or inspection device. This makes a comprehensive analysis of encoder functions possible.
  • Diagnostics in the control loop: The PWM phase meter is looped into the closed control loop (e.g. through a suitable testing adapter). This makes a real-time diagnosis of the machine or system possible during operation. The functions depend on the interface.


We also use OScilloscope , PWT Heidenhain Encoder testers and Heidenhain PWM testing kit for Encoder Health Checks.

Additioanlly we also have specialsed Encoder tester DAHANER RIM 100 

TTL HTL 1Vpp 11UAss Endat Profibus SSI CanBus Devise Net Encoders in stock .. ship today from Dubai

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