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Featured Products


Programmable Encoders for YOU Instock@Dubai + Programming Service

Programming Devices are part of our Tool Kit@Dubai

Sick DFS60 Programmable Encoders

Within the Sick DFS60 incremental encoder family there is a product to suit almost any application. The DFS60 range contains products offering 3 different performance levels :-

  • Eco (E) - for the most simple applications, up to 2,048ppr
  • Basic (B) - for standard applications, up to 10,000ppr
  • Advanced (A) - for challenging applications up to 65,536ppr

The Sick DFS60B and DFS60A ranges are customer programmable incremental encoders. 
Programmable encoders offer numerous advantages: serving end users as a universal spare, system integrators as a product which can be tailored to the applciation and OEM's as an invaluable development tool. Programmable characteristics include:-

  • Resolution: 1 - 10,000ppr for B-types, 1 - 65,536 for A-types
  • Output signal levels: TTL (5V) or HTL (10-30V)
  • Zero/Marker/Index pulse width: 90, 180, 270 electrical degrees
  • Zero/Marker/Index pulse position: Any desired shaft position

TTL HTL 1Vpp 11UAss Endat Profibus SSI CanBus Devise Net Encoders in stock .. ship today from Dubai

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