NO Need to send ELAU Servo Motors to OEM for Repair. Get it done in DUBAI in HOURS..

Record Alignment/ Read Memory- Record Alignment and Replace Encoder on an Elau Motor

For Example you have this kind of ElauSM100 ;Elau Servomotor repairs at Dubai 2These motors are fitted with Sick Stegmann Hiperface encoder that is Not available for Direct order from Sick Stegmann. You can not even Open the Back cover on The Motor to Read Which Encoder Part number it is Fitted with. The moment you open the Cover.. Alignment is LOST... Now What? Send the motor to OEM - Of course This was the ONLY solution available before. but NOT ANY MORE>>>Send motor to us. without disturbing anything. We will Record alighment from old encoder ( it is however advisable to record alignment when the motor is NEW / Working ) ..then we transfer the memory informtion to the NEW encoder ( we have in Stock ) and RUN TEST THE MOTOR on our Specific ELaU Drive Arrangment.. so What you get is a  FULLY tested ( Run Tested ) Motor 

We can replace the Original Encoder with Another Manufacturer recommended Replacement .. right here at UAE..The Encoders are not normal ones.. these have memory.. the Alignment is Recordered in the Memory of the Encoder itself.We can copy Alignment information from Old Encoder and copy it to the NEW one and ReAlign the New Encoder to your Servo Motor. 

Proprietary Encoder Replacement on Elau Servo motors..YES@Dubai 



Test-Diagnose-Repair-Test Solution for Elau motors/Encoders

  • We can do Realignment of Encoders/ Resolver or programming and testing of Elau Servo Motors. Realignment / Programming and testing is needed when you Replace the Encoder or Re-Install the encoder after dismantling from the motor ( e.g. after bearing replace etc.)
  • Elau Servo Motor Repair Services & Encoder Replacement on Elau motors
  • We can also supply New and Used Encoder for your Elau Servo motors

What is Special in Elau Servo Motors : The Elau Servo motors use a hiperface encoder which carries an EEPROM which contains motor data that the drive utilizes to run these motors in an Elau Pacdrivesystem. If this  eeprom is programmed incorrectly the motor will not run in the PACDRIVE system hence the accuracy of this data is directly proportional to the smooth running of the system.

    • We have in-house capability for Programming Hiperface Encoders found Fitted on Elau Servo motors. e.g. Elau SM Servo Motor.
    • These Elau servo motors use programmable Sick/Stegman hiperface encoders that hold not only nameplate data, but alignment data too. We have special programming equipment to successfully download and upload data even if a new encoder is needed.

The Elau Motors have found application in food and packaging industries . We understand the challenges faced by Maintenance department in maintaining or Restoring the Working of these motors. You can now call us for a solution when a failure occurs.

Scope of Work: 

Encoder Replacement/ Re-Alignment  turnaround time for Elau motors is days sometimes Hours in case you need it Really Urgent

if the Repair scope goes down to Dismantling, Alignment, Balancing, Machining / or Restoration of Mechanical elements of motors then it is sure going to take longer. We work with trust subcontractors  who work hand in hand with us to ensure quality and reliability. we offer extensive testing to Fagor manufacture specifications on all motors & drives.

Upon Completion, we can test the Repaired Elau Motor However, we have limitation on Size being limited by the Output current of our Drive. Large size motors are to be tested at site or some alternative 

What all we can arrange for your Elau Motors : We can arrange to get almost everything done on the Elau motors. We do not have all the facility inhouse but things can be arranged.

Balancing Elau Motors| Broken Magnets on Elau Motors| Broken Shaft Elau Motors| Board Repair Elau Motor Controllers | Connector Damage on Elau Motors| Commutator Machining of Elau Motors |
Damaged Stator on Elau Motors | Encoder Repair on Elau Motors | Elau Electronics Repair | Faulty Bearings Replacement on Elau Motors | Low Torque Output Repair or Elau Motors & Elau Drives |
Magnetizing of Elau Motors| New Rotor Installation on Elau Motors | Resolver Rewind on Elau Motors| Rewinding of Elau Motors| Stator Repair on Elau Motors| Rotor Machining of Elau Motors| 
Retrofiting of Elau Newer Series motors to Replace Older Elau Mtoros | Shaft Machining of Damaged Shaft on Elau Motors| Tacho Repair on Elau Motors| Weak Magnets Repair on Elau Motors & More

The motors / Encoders we can help you with : SH & SM series servo motors.

iSH-070 60 011 | iSH-070 60 017 | iSH-070 60 022 | iSH-100 30 025 | iSH-100 30 044 | iSH-100 30 058 | SH-055 80 005 | SH-055 80 009 | SH-055 80 013 | SH-070 60 010 | SH-070 60 020 | SH-070 60 030 | SH-100 30 080 | SH-100 30 100 | SH-100 40 060 | SH-100 40 080 | SH-100 50 030 | SH-140 30 120 | SH-140 30 200 | SH-140 30 270 | SH-140 30 330 | SH-205 20 650 | SH-205 20 900 | SH-205 30 360 | SM 070 | SM 100 | SM 140 | We also fix Elau DCM motors (DC)  with 20 Volt/Krpm tachometer |2500 lines/turn encoder TTL

We can also Repair Elau Drives:Elau controllers C*00 series, the MC-4 Pacdrives

Many kind of Encoders in Stock -We stock many many encoder brands for ready delivery ..... Heidenhain | Hengstler | Hohner | Hubner | IVO Gmbh | Siemens | Pepperl +Fuchs | BAumer Hubner | Baumer Berlin | Kubler | Koyo/Automation Direct | NorthStar/Lakeshore | Leine & Linde | Lenord & Bauer | Lenze | Lika | Omron IDM | QDI | Renco | Siko | Stegmann | Sumtak | Tamagawa | Tekel | TR Electronics | Turck-Kubler DRC | Dynapar/Danaher | Encoder Technologies | Fork Standards |Gaebridge | BEI | Euchner | IVO | Litton |

ELAU Servo Motor Repair at Dubai| ELAU Brushless DC Servo Motor Repair at Dubai | ELAU DC Servo Motor Repair at Dubai | Spindle Motor & Spindle Repair at Dubai | ELAU with Encoder/Resolver/Tacho Feedback | Elau Encoder/ Resolver/ Tacho Realignment | Elau Encoder/ Resolver/ Tacho Replacement | Elau Hiperface Sick Encoder Replacement , Realignment |

TTL HTL 1Vpp 11UAss Endat Profibus SSI CanBus Devise Net Encoders in stock .. ship today from Dubai

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